Snap4City vs MIMs Plus Living-in.EU Technical Specifications

Snap4City's platform is aligned with various interoperability standards and protocols, ensuring its compatibility and integration with a wide range of IoT solutions, including FIWARE. Snap4City is a Gold Member of FIWARE and officially recognized as a FIWARE platform, signifying its compliance with FIWARE protocols such as NGSI V1 and V2. This compliance facilitates the platform's ability to interact with general IoT connections, applications, and dashboards, supporting a variety of protocols beyond FIWARE's, such as JSON, MQTT, Lightweight M2M, LoraWAN, OPC, SigFOX, and more. The platform is designed to be flexible, allowing for direct connection to Snap4City or through an IoT Orion Broker, whether external or provided by Snap4City, or via third-party IoT brokers in any protocol​ (Snap4City)​.

Snap4City's architecture and features further support its adaptability and integration capabilities. It accommodates edge and fog processing, enabling direct connections with Snap4City microservices either on the cloud or installed locally. The platform also offers specific APIs for authentication and authorization, among other functions, to ensure secure and seamless integration with existing city infrastructure and data sources​ (Snap4City)​.

Overall, Snap4City provides a comprehensive solution for smart city development, leveraging its flexibility, open-source nature, and compatibility with FIWARE and other standards to support the creation of living labs and smart city solutions. Its digital twin solutions, for instance, offer interactive dashboards, data models, processing applications, and AI-driven analytics, all of which are crucial for developing sentient city applications that are sustainable and intelligent​ (Snap4City)​.

MIMs Plus version 5 by OASC

Snap4City is fully compliant, some evidences are given in the following table, more info can be obtained from 








OASC MIM1: Context Information Management


Fully compliant, NGSI V2 and LD


Data Models

OASC MIM2: Shared Data Models


Fully compliant since on Snap4City you may directly deploy devices created by Smart Data Models, in addition also custom data models, and Snap4City IoT Device Models.

Moreover, you may refer to some ontology. Of default it is provided with Km4City ontology which is in turn based on a number of standard vocabularies, including: SAREF, OTN, SSN, FOAF, etc. Any other ontology can be added on the Knowledge Base which is an RDF  store.



OASC MIM3: Ecosystem Transactions Management


Snap4City is secure by design, is GDPR compliant, passed PENtest, Vulnerability test, etc. And devices and transactions  can be tracked by Blockchain.



OASC MIM4: Personal Data Management


Snap4City is secure by design, is GDPR compliant. Personal and public data can be managed and are managed in Snap4City.



OASC MIM5: Fair Artificial Intelligence


Snap4City allows you to develop ML/AI/XAI including Explainability modules that are GDPR complaint. In addition, you can enforce verification to be fair, replicable, etc. According to AI-Act, etc.



OASC MIM6: Security management

Work item

Snap4City is secure by design, is GDPR compliant, passed PENtest, Vulnerability test, etc.



OASC MIM7: Geospatial information management


Snap4City manage 2D and 3D info of the city at local and global scales integrated each other. It accepts multiple formats and protocols for delivering 2D/3D elements, for example OCG, WFS, WMS, etc., and entities in NGSI.



OASC MIM8: Ecosystem indicator management

Work item

Snap4City provides a large number of indicators already in place as: 15 Min City Index, SUMP/PUMS, SUMI, SDG, etc.



OASC MIM9: Data Analytics Management

Work item

Snap4City provides full support for Data Analytic Management. DA processes can include statistic, ML, AI, XAI, operating research, simulations, etc., and can be developed in Python, Rstudio and other languages, also exploiting NVIDIA boards or other accelerators, exploiting containers, etc., and MLOps in general.



OASC MIM10: Resource Impact Assessment

Work item

Snap4City provides full support for monitoring resource consumption and perform impact assessment.