How To Dev - Nonfunctional aspects of the Snap4City Development Environment


  • Online development tools, from data modelling to data ingestion, from data transformation to data analytics, and from dashboard to realize business intelligence tools.
  • Living Lab coworking tools, sharing, and delegating data, resource, IOT devices, IOT Edge, heatmaps, IOT Applications, dashboards, blogs, articles, videos, external services, micro applications, MicroServices, social interaction, etc.;
  • End-2-end encrypted communication, from devices to dashboard, compliant with GDPR privacy/security, mutual authenticated (or other models), PEN test passed.
  • Ready to use Appliance Virtual Machines and/or Containers for a modules and tools, free of license, several different configurations from Micro to Large.
  • usable on cloud and on premise with your private installation is 100% open source, easy to install from VM and Docker Compose which are provided free of license.
  • Modular, secure, elastic scalability and robustness by design are also provided with automated scaling for IOT applications, Data Analytics, data processing and ingestion.