How to Dev - Design: User Interface and Business Logic


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The design of the User Interface implies the design of dashboards to be developed. Snap4City Dashboards are composed by several graphical widgets accessing to: Storage, Processing Logic (IoT App) data/nodes, External Services, Synoptics, and Brokers.

How to proceed: This phase is performed by identifying Data Representation and Graphic User Interaction:
This phase has to answer at questions such as:

  • Which kind of visual rendering is more adequate? Which kind of user interface I have to provide to the users? Which kind of graphic user interface your users would prefer?
    • Which kind of widget? The answer is easy since the preferred rendering tool for each Data Model has been defined.
  • How many users are going to use it?
  • It is a scenario for Control Room or for understanding (such as a Business Intelligence tool to play with data and study)?
  • Which Entity Instances have to be shown?
  • How many dashboards or view I need to create, how large they are, on which device they are shown?
  • The user interface is only a Monitoring data from Storage?
  • The user interface has to provide data table for browsing on data? And in which order?
  • Do we need a menu to navigate on a number of connected Dashboards?
  • Who is going to access to those dashboards?