MicroService Directory, data bidirectional data flows


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MicroServices Directory for IOT Applications

Please note that:

  • Each IOT Application editor has a number of MicroService which are for default available on nodeRED as reported in the Annex XXXX
  • There are a number of MicroServices specific for Rasberry PI: GPIO, AdaFruit, etc.
  • There are a number of MicroServices specific for Android: reading status of the phone, accelerometer, tv camera, and other sensors.
  • There is a large community working on NodeRED that produce every day new blocks that may be easily integrated in IOT applications in Snap4City.
  • interesting nodes that we have used more than others are 
    • Nodes for addressing other social media, chatbots
    • Nodes for additional analytics, sqlite, Arduino,
    • Nodes for machine learning, spark ML, mapreduce, etc

Snap4City support bidirectional flows in the end to end process passing from IOT devices to Dashboards, for content and resources, for dashboard and interactions at all level and for all user kinds: