Scenario: Mobile & Web App: Toscana Where What … Km4City, Toscana in a Snap


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Toscana Where What .. Km4City and Toscana in a Snap are multipurpose Mobile and Web Apps (available on Google Play and Apple store and also on HTML5 Web browser). They cover a multiple domains and the most interesting smart features for the city users are:

  • Mobility & Transport
    • Routing (car, bus, bike and pedestrian) and multimodal routing
    • Smart parking, Bike sharing
    • Timetables of public transport operators: bus, railway, ferry, tram
    • Bus tickets in the region
    • Navigator and connected drive
    • Vehicle monitoring, via OBD2 data collection, and storage on cloud
    • Car position save and recover
    • Cycling paths
    • Events of traffic
    • Traffic flow
    • Save, share and recover personal travels
    • Fuel stations and prices
  • Culture, utilities and Tourism
    • Save and recover favourites, chronologies
    • Search of POI in the whole region by text and by maps. They are classified in about 20 macroclasses and more than 500 subclasses
  •  Environment and  weather
    • Environmental data: pollution and pollutant, heatmap and subscription to be notified when critical conditions are detected.
    • Sensors values for pollution, pollination, etc.
    • Heatmaps for environmental, weather
    • Weather forecast
    • Notifications/alerts of civil protection.
  • Social:
    • Events of entertainment
    • Recent Tweets
    • Hot places
    • Discussion forum
    • Receiving engagements and suggestion from the City Operators
    • Friend tracks and positions for traveling together
    • Assistance via Virtual Assistant ready to chat with user providing information about the city and/or on Snap4City.
    • Etc.

Toscana Where What….. Km4City

Toscana in a Snap


These mobile Apps can be regarded as a show case of what Snap4City can do in your area. Snap4City, DISIT lab have produced other Mobile Apps such as Helsinki in a Snap, Antwerp in a Snap, Life WEEE, Coll@bora, etc.
The City Operators need to get a real time view of the city and regional status of traffic, mobility, parking, bike sharing, triage, event of traffic, public transportation, etc. According to main Snap4City services, the data collected are accessible on Dashboards and can be exploited in

Micro Applications for Instant Apps, Totems, Dashboards

Data Analytics with those coming from the Mobile App. The users of the App may use the App as anonymously or by registration providing or not a signed consent according to GDPR. The collected data are treated according to GDPR.
The most relevant data analytics collected from the App are related to the: preferred places of the users, origin destination matrices, trajectories, user behaviours, comments on services, images on services and new POI, ranking and appreciations, etc.

Managing engagement with conditions and rules based on user  behaviour and city context

The App is a tool for the users for collecting their personal data which are located at their exclusive disposal on the Snap4City platform according to GDPR. They can save trajectories, personal usage, etc., and exploit those data with IOT data of the city or of their personal private IOT devices for creating IOT Applications and personal Dashboards. This allows to create a participatory community and a group of active city users which can contribute to the day by day activity of the Living Lab.

The above solution can be tested on Tuscany region, Antwerp and Helsinki downloading and installing the Mobile App from Google Play and Apple store.  The City may control the Engagement and monitoring the results by using specific tools, such as the dashboard reported aside.

Download this technical note as PDF:

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