TC1.9 - Search on Wizard for any kind of data managed into the platform, from POI to sensors, KPI, social, etc.


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Test Case Title

TC1.9 - Search on Wizard for any kind of data managed into the platform, from POI to sensors, KPI, social, etc.


I can:

  • Login and access the Wizard to easily match Data of ANY KIND (public devices/data, as well as the ones owned by the logged user, and also the ones for which the logged user has a delegation from other registered owners) vs graphics representations
  • Visualize selected data on map and on other kind of representations
  • Check and monitor data status, healthiness, last values
  • See private (Your own) and public data
  • I see all of them, if am a RootAdmin


A snap4city user registered on the Snap4City portal

Expected successful result

  • Search and visualize on map any kind of data in the Dashboard Wizard
  • Check and monitor the status, healthiness, last values and the other data attributes
  • Select data of interest and create a new instance of a widget which can suitably displayed selected data.




In this Test case, the main search functionalities of the Wizard are presented. The Wizard has been created for the following main goals:

  • Supporting the users in understanding which graphical widget can be used to show each certain type of data, IOT Device, MicroApplication, event or service.
  • Supporting the user in shortening the time in producing a dashboard and a widget into dashboard.
  • Helping the users to monitor in a simple manner the status of data sources.

The Wizard presents:

  • A map on which the selected sources are shown if they have a GPS location among their attributes. Please note that generic view and KPI may not be associated to a location immediately;
  • A list of graphic icons representing widgets for showing data sources: maps, trends, gauge, kiviat, tables, semaphore, images, selector, histograms, switch, speed limit, bars, time trend etc. The widget icons are divided into Single-Data and Multi-Data widgets, depending on whether each widget have been designed to represent a single value, or rather a set of multiple values. The visualization of these icons is dynamically filtered on the basis of the multiple filter selection activated by the user.
  • A list of Data Sources, from POI to sensors, from web applications to external services, from KPI to web app and special data as Twitter data, civil protection, triage of hospitals, etc. This table fields (columns) are all alphabetically orderable by clicking on the column labels, and all the columns provide a filter box for allowing multi-facet exploration of data.
  • A list of Chosen Data Sources, showing the data sources selected by the user from the above list.


In the Wizard all kind of data sources (High Level Type) are listed and may be selected (from POI to sensors, from external services to micro applications, etc.). This allows the user to immediately identify which kind of graphical views/widgets can be applied for rendering the data selected and vice versa: if the user select the graphic view, the data to be visualized are automatically identified/filtered. Moreover, the user may select one or multiple data (lines) in the table. When multiple selections is performed, the production of a Dashboard or Wizard is possible only using suitable Multi-Data widgets.

Example 1: Learn how to search all kind of data and filtering by the different Wizard categories

  1. Log in the Snap4City portal and click on the “Dashboards” menu item on the left-side bar:

    You can search and explore all kind of data on the new version of the Wizard, which is accessible by clicking on the “New Dashboard” yellow button on the top-right side of the screen:



  1. You can access the new Wizard also by editing a Dashboard you own:
    1. click on the “Edit” button on the bottom of your dashboard;
    2. then click on the “Wizard” button on the menu on the top of the dashboard view:




  2. Once the Dashboard Wizard is opened, choose the “Data and widgets” panel:


  1. In the “Data and widgets” panel of the Dashboard Wizard, you can search any kind of data managed by the Snap4City back-end architecture. Thanks to the Km4City Ontology, the data are visualized in a taxonomy with the following meaning: