CSBL - Details for widget types


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5. Details for widget types

In this section, specifications on how to implement the Javascript execute() function for all the available widgets are provided. The Javascript execute() function allows to pilot target widgets, sending them actions, data etc.

  1. widgetRadarSeries (IN/OUT)
  2. widgetTable (OUT)
  3. widgetSingleContent, widgetSpeedometer and widgetGaugeChart (OUT)
  4. widgetTimeTrend (IN/OUT)
  5. widgetCurvedLineSeries (IN/OUT)
  6. widgetDeviceTable
  7. widgetMap (IN/OUT)
  8. widgetOnOffButton (IN)
  9. widgetKnob (IN)
  10. widgetNumericKeyboard (IN)
  11. widgetPieChart
  12. widgetBarSeries (IN/OUT)
  13. widgetEventTable
  14. widgetExternalContent