CSBL - widgetEventTable


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First of all, an existing widget must be identified in the dashboard, of which the id <TARGET_WIDGET_NAME> must be noted. In this example the target is a WidgetSingleContent.
The JS function to be inserted in the appropriate box (in more options) of the current widgetEventTable is of the following type:


function execute() {


       type: "showSingleContentFromExternalContent_<TARGET_WIDGET_NAME>",

       eventGenerator: $(this),

       targetWidget: "<TARGET_WIDGET_NAME>",

       color1: "#e8a023",

       color2: "#9c6b17",

       widgetTitle: "ShowDouble", 

passedData: { "dataOperation": param}




The param variable consists of the input value generated by the change of state of the widgetEventTable widget, when one of the icons in the action column of the EventTable graph is clicked.

The passedData field can be:

               passedData: {

"dataOperation": <VALUE>


Figure: widgetEventTable example