Snap4City Terminology


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Snap4City Terminology is simple and can be summarized as follow. According to Snap4City

  • An Application is an IOT Application, but in some cases, also a Dashboard is called Application since it is the user interface of an IOT application.
  • A Dashboard is a graphic view of data and may include any kind of graphic representation of data and High Level Types, it is composed by Widgets
  • High Level Types are the elements, and data sources that can be shown on the Widget and thus on the Dashboards. They are:
    • Complex Event: entertainment  events, ordinance, incidents, etc
    • Dashboard-IOT App: data and flow from a dashboard and an IOT Application: back and forward
    • External Service: a service external provide as a Web Page into a Dashboard
    • External service via Rest API call: call of an external service via Rest API, they are transformed in MicroServices that can be used in IOT Appliocation provided that they are installed importing the Block from the SC4 Library, Resource Manager. They can be created by using the  Resource Manager
    • KPI: Key Performance Indicator, an indicator of some process and activity that may need to be represented on graph or table: number of users of the bike sharing per day.
    • MicroApplication: a web application, interactive that may be also place into a dashboard, a microtools for routing, a searching web page, etc. They may be geo centered.
    • My Personal Data: your personal data that you have saved into the Safer from one of your IOT Applications.
    • POI: Point of Interest. Some element on the map with associated information, a restaurant, a sensor, a busstop, a garden, etc. Geolocalized or not.
    • Sensor: a sensor providing data about the city, temperature, humidity, pressure, flow traffic, pollution, pollination, number of horses, etc. They are geo-localized, they may contains predictions.
    • Sensor-Actuator: a sensor or actuator, also connected to the Dashboard. Elements that may receive from the Dashboard some value, via Dimer, a Button, etc.
    • Special Widget: as weather forecast, civil protection, most cited mentions on tweets, traffic light, etc.
    • MyKPI: personal KPI
    • MyPOI: personal Point of Interest
    • Heatmaps: heatmap of certain kind of data for example: PM10, PM2.5, NO2, SO2, CO2, traffic, nice bikings, people flow, hot places, etc. 
    • etc.
  • Nature: a description of data in terms of their nature
    • Informative: Accommodation, Advertising, AgricultureAndLivestock, Assisstance, CivilAndEdilEngineering, CulturalActivity, EducationAndResearch, Emergency, Entertainment, Environment, Financial, FinancialService, MiningAndQuarrying, Mobility and Transport, Shopping, ShoppingAndService, Social, Time, Tourism, TourismService, TransferServiceAndRenting, UtilitiesAndSupply, Wholesale, WineAndFood, Government and Security, GovernmentOffice, HealthCare, IndustryAndManufacturing
    • Generic: decision support system, exernal service open to you
    • IOT App vs Dashboard: From Dashboard to IOT App, From IOT App to Dashboard
    • IOT Device vs Dashboard: From Dashboard to IOT Device, From IOT Device to KB
    • Km4City Application: the microapplications
    • Services POI and IOT: service MAP and ServiceMAP3D
    • Infrastructure: data related to the Smart City ICT infrastructure
    • etc.
  • SubNature: is a subclassification that may depend on the Nature classification as above
  • Value Type: is the meaning of the data collected such as Temperature, pression, etc.
  • Value Name: is the name to identify the specific data collected
  • Data Type: is the technical description of the type: integer, float, string
  • Last Date: is the date of the acquisition
  • Last Value: is the last value acquired
  • Last Check is the last date and time in which it has been checked the data
  • Healthiness: is the status of the sensors and data: read and green
  • Ownership: it can be Public or private, if it is private, you can access to it since some one has delegated you, or it is YourOwn (marked as MyQwn) data/value/sensors/device, etc.
  • IOT Device: a device producing data from its sensors and collecting data for its actuators. A large number of compatible devices are available all Open
  • IOT Sensors/Actuator: a sensor is something that produce a data value, while an Actuator is something that is ready to receive a value. For example dynamic speed limit place is waiting for a velocity
  • IOT Edge: they are IOT Devices with or without sensors/actuators with some kind of capability to perform computation. They produce data into one ore more IOT Brokers, they can be also connected to Snap4city Dashboard if they are certified
  • etc. 

As for more definition if we forgetten some thing or provide the yours