How to Dev - Examples of Proc.Logic Event Driven Business Logic Nodes / Patterns


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The Proc.Logic can be used to create event driven processing logic. To this end a number of Node-RED nodes can produce a message into the Proc.Logic for activating the internal processing, while other nodes can produce events in other contexts such as other Brokers, Proc.Logic, Dashboards, etc.

For example, Event Driven Inputs Widgets are:

  • A periodic event can be programmed.
  • An MQTT event on some entity arriving from an MQTT Broker
  • A NGSI V2 event from some ORION Broker (internal broker of the platform)

Other Brokers can be used such as: STOMP, AMQP, WS, RSS, email, twitter, SIGFOX, M2M, etc.

Other events can be received by implementing a HTTP server / API by using HTTP Node and thus produced for the single Proc.Logic. We strongly discourage this approach which is not safe and neither scalable. Similar statements for other Node-RED nodes such as: TCP.

From Dashboards:

  •  An event from a change on some Snap4City MyKPI variable.
  •  An event from a Snap4City Synoptic, a click of a user.
  • An event of click on snap4city Multi Data Map.

Please see table on Section IV.B.5.b for the full list of event-driven Dashboard Widgets.

A large number of Dashboard widgets can be used for rendering event driven data updates on Dashboards.

Another Proc.Logic can communicate with the former by using events on Brokers or on MyKPI. Sending messages on Entity Instances / IoT Devices via Orion Broker, as well as by saving MyKPI data values: