TC1.1 - The main entry of the Snap4City service


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TC1.1 - The main entry of the Snap4City service:


A user can:


A snap4city user registered on the Snap4City portal. There is also a separate Test Case for users that register for the first time.

The following functionalities are available only for specific Snap4city users with specific privileges.

Expected successful result

An integrated suite of tools, at least for what we can have so far.




In the following the details of the various menu items for the Developer User (Area Manager) are explained, with a view of the various tools available in accordance to the different snap4City users’ privileges.

User experience

The snap4city portal is the home  entry of all tools of snap4city.


By using its credentials, the Snap4City User accesses to the snap4city application entry page that shows on the left column a set of menu items in according to the user privileges.

The user interface after the login presents a menu on the left and a frame that is updated in according to the menu item selected by the user, all integrated in the same interface.

The entry page is the Snap4City portal, as in the following image.

Three different user’s types are managed by Snap4city, each of them has different privileges and accesses to a different number of applications and functionalities via the left column menu.


The Final User (Manager) accesses to the following menu items.


In the case, of Developers (Area Manager), on the left column, the menu with the list of available tools and settings is available. The list is coherent with the User privileges.

The following image shows the Snap4City menu items and submenus for users with privileges as Developer.



The Developers (Area Manager), user has more privileges with respect the final user and access to the same menu items of the Final User and in addition to the following items:

The Root Admin user is the user with more privileges and has the access to all menu items and settings.

An intermediate role of ToolAdmin is also present, and the password have been provided to you.

With respect the Developer user, the RootAdmin has also access to the following menu items: