Welcome to Dubrovnik (Herit-Data)

Welcome to the Dubrovnik on Snap4City.

The solution has been developed for Dubrovnik in the context of HeritData for monitoring the old city in terms of tourism and people flows. To this end, a number of TV cameras and other sensors for counting people have been connected to Orion Broker by Snap4City solution. The solution also integrates information regarding social media coming from Twitter. Thus, the Snap4City solution integrated both people flow and social media to provide a number of dashboards and data processing services. Dashboards allow seeing real-time data and historical data with calendar heatmaps and staked diagrams. Some of the produced results are accessible via public dashboards for the citizens and operators. The Snap4City solution for Dubrovnik has been developed by DISIT Lab which is a FIWARE Gold Member, and it is hosted as a tenant on Snap4city.org service.

The following dashboards are available. Private dashboards are not accessible for not registered users.

Dubrovnik Main

Dubrovnik Old Town Free WiFi HotSpots Locations (private)

Dubrovnik people counts

Dubrovnik people counts NEW GUI

Dubrovnik Tv Cam PaxCounting

Dubrovnik TV Cam PaxCounting - NEW GUI

Herit-Data Twitter Vigilance Summary

Dubrovnik Calendar

Dubrovnik KPIs data

Twitter Vigilance Dubrovnik