TC1.21 - Cross-widget connection and interaction


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Test Case Title TC1.21: Cross-widget connection and interaction
Goals The owner of the dashboard can set up different kinds of cross widget interactions in the same dashboard, including:
  • activating information on maps via selector (non decribed specifically here).
  • sending / rendering sensor data from the a selected item on the map to single content widgets
  • sending / redenring sensor data trends from the a selected item on the map to the time trend widgets
  • activating via a Selector (called selector Web) some external content and web page into the main widget called External Content

please remind that most of  the widgets allow you to set a Hyperlink that is an URL to jump to another web age (dashboards) when clicked on the widget. They are single button, time trend, time trend compare, etc. etc.

Prerequisites users that are registered and that are going to create dashboards.
Expected successful result
  • provoke an action on a wirdget on the basis of the actions performed in another widget: selector to a map, data on map to single content, data from map to time trend, etc.
  • Show the last value of a service in the map in a separate widget in the same dashboard;
  • Show a trend of a service in the map in a separate time trend widget in the same dashboard;
  • Different interactions can be activated by using the selector widget


The widget Selector is a widget that allows to show on a map the results of different queries, singularly on collectively, by clicking the service of interest on the widget.

See TC1.8 - Visual production of Dashboard via Wizard for more details on how to add a selector widget by using the dashboard wizard tool. In the example below, it is possible to see a list of Point of Interest and services available on the left vertical column.

By clicking the black arrow on the left of each item in the list, the service(s) of interest is/are shown on the map. In the example below the selector widget list different kind of services, like:

More than one POI kind can be activated or deactivated by clicking the black/white arrow, while some services are mutually exclusive. In the next image you can see that Air quality sensors, weather sensors and traffic sensors are shown on the widget map that is called Multi Map in the header. Please note that on Snap4City we have selector also based on ICONS and those very technical as hierarchival view similar to the GIS.

To add a Widget Selector in a dashboard it is possible to use the wizard, as explained in TC1.8 - Visual production of Dashboard via Wizard. please note that from Wizard you have a large selection of different Selectors.

Once a sensor is shown, by clicking a pin of interest on the map, the information about the specific service are shown in a pop up. If the pin is related to a real-time service, all the available data are shown in the popup. In the example below, it is possible to see the real-time data of an air quality monitoring station in Florence.

As Cross Widget Interaction

The data of the pin shown in the pop up, can be also represented in another widget in the same dashboard as single value (by clicking the “Last” button in the pop-up) or as a temporal trend (by clicking the temporal representation of interest, “4 Hours”, “Day”, “Week”, etc.). The image below show in two different external widgets the last values related to the PM10 and the Day trend of the NO2.