FAQ on Snap4City Installation from VM, Dockers and Source Code


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Can Snap4City provides Appliance as well as ready to use Virtual Machines?

Yes, we can. The solution is modular and wide spectrum, you may need only a part of it. see the page for installations: https://www.snap4city.org/471 
We suggest you to register into the snap4city.org portal to practice a bit with the basic principles and once conquered them basic steps with the online documentation please return to us if needed. You may discover that you need only a few VM/tools, or all for solving your problems. For supporting you in deep on your project, we have to sustain costs, so that we have to understand what you are requesting to us to provide you. You can even ask to some other partners of Snap4City or former Km4City to do the same job.

We are interested to use Km4City and Snap4City on our own server. I have looked at Snap4City GitHub, but I didn't see a documentation about the hardware and software requirements and about the procedure for the installation of the different components. Could you provide us more information about these points?

Please see the new tutorial 2019: https://www.snap4city.org/download/video/barc19/inst/

Please read the documentation of each tool and you fill find the documentation links, tool by tool. The documentation is on the portals according to the modules 
https://www.snap4city.org   https://www.km4city.org     https://www.disit.org    Some of the documentation is also replicated on Http://www.sii-mobility.org  There are also on this portal a number of documents explaining the deploy US10.    Using and Managing the Scalable Snap4City Infrastructure and management.  We suggest you to register into the snap4city.org portal, to read a bit of documentation, to practice with the basic principles and once conquered the basic issues with the online documentation please return to us if needed. https://www.snap4city.org/download/video/Slide-4-3/index.html

For SLA, Service Level Agreement?

see Service Level Agreement

From where can i download full snap4City source code so that i can customize it?

Please see the dedicated page to installation of snap4city: https://www.snap4city.org/471 

according to the modules you can get the source code from github/disithttps://github.com/disit
i suggest start from: https://www.snap4city.org/drupal/node/7

We want to deploy Snap4city on our own local VM using code (individual modules eg. Dashboard-builder, IOT Application, IOT Directory and Devices, Process loader etc.) that is available on Github (https://github.com/disit, https://github.com/disit/snap4city ). (November 2019)?

the documentation about the installations from source are available form github module by module in wiki. It is progressively updated with the production of the installation modules https://www.snap4city.org/471
The docker information on how to install are on github for our docker https://github.com/disit/snap4city-docker    and on DokerHUB  see https://www.snap4city.org/471 
The single recipes for dockers will be published on github.... progressively

We have succeesfully installed the main and the configured it properly, but when we go on wizard no data are shown.

A new installation from VM or Docker is starting with no data inside the storage and thus the wizard is empty. This happened on Version 1.2 of MAIN, in version 1.3 we placed some data in the wizard that allow you to create some dashboard taking those data via federated smart city API (super service map); thus accessing to the data that we have in Snap4City in other open KB. On the other hand, your data  are still missing until you do not load them on KB. Data are loaded in KB from the ingestion processes (via IOT Brokers), they can be loaded from MyKPI as well. There are in the MAIN scheduled processes that crawl periodically the KB and the other data collection structures to populate the Wizard table for you.

Can I use the registered users of Www.snap4city.org on the local installations of Snap4city dockers.

The docker installation as dataCity-Small Docker as the other installations on premise (docker and VM) are supposed to work on your premise independently on the general authentication of the www.Snap4city.org platform and service. So that when you install them a local authentication service is installed as well with a number of preconfigured users as described in the documentation online. In any case, you can add new local users and the installation is going to be completely independent from the www.snap4city.org ..... You can assign a new domain, new users, etc. etc. You can continue to be user of the WWW.snap4city.org for accessing to the documentation and news, etc. etc.

How it is possible that Data Inspector at the first installation present data?

Data Inspector is based on Dashboard Wizard table. The table is feed automatically from cron processes of Dashboard builder. On the other hand, some of the data and the classified POI are preloaded to allo you to see and exploit some examples that come from Snap4City.org cloud and store. In addition, the Data Inspector is connected to the  SuperServicemap which allow you to exploit data coming from other fderated smart city knowledge basis (service map). You can disable this feature losing also the additional data. 

How it is possible to install  the Docker and/of VM version on premise making visible on some domain as www.mydomain.org or com?

It is possble without problem. The appliance arrive with the local intraned configured as "dashboard", to have a regular external domain you have to substitute that string "dashboard" with your into the docker compose and in all ocnfigurations when necessari. You need a reboot after.

How it is possible to change  the User Limits that may limit the creation of IOT App, Dashboard, etc. ?

In the installation on premise there is a table in dashboard database called userlimits or similar. in which they can be set. From version 1.6 the User Limits tool is available into the section on User Management of the menu on left accessible for the users with rootadmin role. Ask us if you need earlier, you may install from the GitHub.

How it is possible to change the Menus in the On premise versions?

The menus are into the Dashboard database. There are 3 kinds of menu with their corresponding tables: normal (MainMenu, MainSubmenu), mobile (MobMainMenu, MobMainSubmenu) and the Organization Menu associated with one or more organization and that can be shown from the Dashboard header on the left top corner.  From version 1.6 the User Limits tool is available into the section on Setting in the menu  on left accessible for the users with rootadmin role. Ask us if you need earlier, you may install from the GitHub.



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