CityVerse and Snap4City


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The Cityverse action by the European Commission, referred to in the context of the "Local Digital Twin & Cityverse EDIC" (European Digital Infrastructure Consortium), is part of the Commission's Digital Decade Policy Programme 2030. This initiative is aimed at fostering shared investments in knowledge and funding at a European scale to advance digital infrastructure and capabilities. The European Commission, alongside five member states, has launched this action to support the development and scaling of digital twins and related technologies across Europe, thereby contributing to the EU's digital transformation goals for 2030​ (Eurocities - Home)​.

Cityverse consists of creating a digital counterpart always aligned of your building and city on which you can perform analysis, simulation, what-if analysis.
This is precisely what Snap4City Digital Twin provides: ​
Snap4City is an official certificated FIWARE platform, and is a platform of OASC, and of EOSC.

The LDTs Toolbox provides methodologies and tools aim at creating and managing Living Digital Twins of urban environments. Snap4City's features, such as advanced analytics, simulation, and visualization technologies, complement the LDTs Toolbox by enabling the development of dynamic and interactive digital twins. These digital twins can simulate real-world scenarios, support decision-making processes, and facilitate urban planning and management, all while being integrated with the broader smart city ecosystem. In summary, Snap4City's comprehensive suite of tools and technologies offers a robust foundation for creating smart city solutions that are compatible with CityVerse, adhere to MIMs Plus standards, and utilize the DS4SSCC blueprint and the LDTs Toolbox. This integration promotes the development of innovative, interoperable, and impactful smart city projects. 

Snap4City significantly contributes to the Cityverse initiative led by the European Commission by leveraging its comprehensive suite of tools and services designed for smart cities and digital twins. Snap4City is a framework developed by the DISIT Lab of the University of Florence, Italy, aimed at facilitating the rapid implementation of decision support systems and smart applications for cities, industries, and developers​ (Snap4Solutions)​.

Key contributions of Snap4City to Cityverse include at least and not only on:

  • Open-source and Interoperable Platform: Snap4City is a 100% open-source FIWARE platform, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with other smart city solutions across Europe. This aligns with the Cityverse's aim of fostering shared digital infrastructures and services​ (Snap4Solutions)​.
  • Comprehensive IoT Integration: The platform offers an extensive array of IoT Microservices, simplifying the integration of various data sources and IoT devices. This capability is crucial for developing digital twins and achieving the interconnected digital ecosystem envisioned by Cityverse​ (Snap4City)​.
  • Support for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Snap4City provides solutions directly supporting several United Nations SDGs, such as smart agriculture, health monitoring, energy consumption monitoring, and smart city infrastructure. These contributions are particularly relevant to Cityverse's goal of advancing sustainable and inclusive digital transformation​ (Snap4City)​.
  • Digital Twin Technology: Snap4City's digital twin solutions offer highly interactive and secure management of multidomain data, essential for smart cities and Industry 4.0 applications. This includes advanced features like 3D city modeling, data analytics, and IoT applications, which can empower the Cityverse initiative by providing detailed insights and simulations of urban environments​ (Snap4City)​.
  • Training and Development Support: The platform provides a vast range of documentation, guides, and training cases to support the development of smart city solutions. This educational aspect can enhance the skill set of individuals and organizations involved in the Cityverse, promoting innovation and knowledge sharing within the European digital ecosystem​.

Overall, Snap4City's versatile platform and its alignment with the objectives of sustainable development, digital twin technology, and open-source interoperability position it as a valuable contributor to the European Commission's Cityverse action.