TC1.3 - Accessing and using Dashboards with any device

Test Case Title

TC1.3 - Accessing and using Dashboards with any device



  • I can access to city dashboard with any device, responsive user interface
  • I can use multiple devices of different kind to access at the dashboards without installation
  • I can see the real-time data, and data  H24/7 with independent automated update for each widget
  • I can Monitor the status via different views, graphs and maps
  • I can interact with the Dashboard to send commands and messages into the platform, and towards devices


Using a PC or Mobile with a web browser. All the data arriving in the platform are collected into a noSQL storage and indexed in real-time. Thus they are accessible in the City Dashboards.

Expected successful result

See the dashboard and play with them. The user can access to the dashboard and perform a number of actions to see, browse, etc.



The Dashboard Builder is a tool for creating City Dashboards and City Dashboards for decision makers H24/7, from small to UHD monitors. Dashboard created that can be manipulated, shared, cloned, delegated, etc. They are suitable for decision makers, city majors, assessors, city operators; and thus, suitable for massive access to the same Dashboard as in the panels at the railways stations, bus stops, etc. They do not need to be installed on the clients since they are produced as HTML5 with JavaScript. They can be embedded into third party web pages, and thus they can be used to communicate with the city users, and a simplified user interface is also provided for creating the city dashboards as IOT dashboard in IOT applications. The City Dashboards are created by composing a set of Widgets. A very large collection of them is provided. New one can be easily created for a programmer.

A number of examples have been provided in your user account, you can modify them without problems. Please note that most of them are fully dynamic / responsive. So that they are outfit on the horizontal axes.

Please note that, according to your user's credentials, the acces and edit of some of the following links could not be authorised.

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