TC1.12 - Dashboard with MicroApplications


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Test Case Title

  1. TC1.12 - Dashboard with MicroApplications


I can

  • Shortening the time for producing nicely interactive dashboard exploiting the Micro Applications
  • They can be used for seeing ups interactive panel into shops, stations, etc. The interface is accessible from web to all


A PC and the access to the system at any level

Expected successful result

Learning how to create a Dashboard exploiting MicroApplications.




Micro Applications can be embedded into dashboards.:

  1. Go in the wizard
  2. Select from High Level Type: MicroApplication
  3. Select one of the proposed and possible model to show them and ask to create the dashboard.
  4. You can repeat the action placing multiple MicroApplications into the same dashboard.

In the following a list of Dashboards with MicroApplications is provided.