How To Dev - Development Phases

Development of the Several Aspects includes:

  • Processing Logic (IoT App) Development: implement Data Ingestion, Data Transformation, Data Analytics, and Server-Side Business Logic as Node-RED flows.
  • Data Analytic Development: implement complex algorithms to exploit data for producing data descriptive analysis, prescriptions, predictions, early warning, anomaly detections, etc.
  • Special Tool Development: implementation of special tools to cover new complex data types and create web App which can be integrated into the Dashboards.
  • User Interface as Dashboard Development: build the user interface using the tools made available from the Snap4City Dashboard Builder including Business Logic (SS and/or CS).

    Please note that the development phase is supported by a number of tools in Snap4City. And in most cases the same tools that allow you to develop processes, analytics, and the user interface can be used to test and validate the development you are producing.  

    We suggest you go on the training course slides to get details about what is just sketched here in this document.

    Training Course: