Trafair project: examples of GRAL estimations

In the Trafair CEF project (, the snap4city platform is used for exploiting some of the data and former solutions for traffic flow reconstruction.

The following three videos are for demonstration only, of the GRAL predictions over 48 hours. They report the predicted evolutions of NOX parcicles not calibrated, so that the colours reported in the heatmap does not express the actual foreacast estimated for NOX. The prediction is performed according to the GRAL model using: traffic flow reconstruction and predictions, weather forecasts including wind intensity and direction, structure of the city in terms of buildings positions and their volumes. Please go on the Trafair project portal for details.

Trafair App and Dashboards


2020 October 9th: Internet Festival in Pisa Italy: Snap4City for Trafair presentation: SLIDEVIDEO