Snap4City platform: from cloud to data analytic as a Living Lab for Student and Researchers


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Cloud-based Infrastructures for Smart Cities (120 min)
Open Data, Private Data, Real Time data, etc.
General Requirements for Smart City
Data Ingestion and aggregation
Semantic Modeling and City Knowledge Base, Km4City
Data Storage and Data Shadow
Data Indexing
Data processing and scheduling
Supporting the Data Analytic on Smart City Data (90 min)
Computational Requirements for Smart City
Managing Data Analytics tools: processes vs Containers
Data Analytics: predictions and anomaly detection
Examples of Data Analytics: predicting parking
Traffic flow reconstruction
Social Media Analysis.
From Data to Applications and Dashboards (90 min)
Requirements on dashboards and security/privacy for smart city
Dashboards: types and meaning
Dashboards vs mobile app User Interface
End-to-end security on IOT infrastructures
Data Protection, Personal Data vs GDPR
Living Lab Approaches: living demos