TC8.8 - Incentives for City Operators/Decision Makers (AreaManager, ToolAdmin)


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Test Case Title

TC8.8 - Incentives for City Operators/Decision Makers (AreaManager, ToolAdmin)


Stimulate City Operators/Decision Makers, industries (AreaManager, ToolAdmin)

Provide incentives to these stakeholders.

Provide access to tools and services with different level of complexity for development and for knowledge management.


General information on Select4Cities aims and scope and of the Snap4City.

The following functionalities are available only for specific Snap4city users with specific privileges.

Expected successful result

Access to all the information well organized according to a number of menu of the portal and from the menu with a number of web page with description and links to tools.




Different stakeholders may take advantage/incentives to use and build new feature and application upon the platform. If they will have found advantages (economical, commercial, in terms of visibility, new personnel, etc.), they would be strongly motivated to invest time and money in contributing to the platform, thus making it alive in the area. In the order of relevant, the following stakeholder should be strongly motivated as discussed in the following.

Thus, City Operators/Decision Makers, industries (may be AreaManager, as well as ToolAdmin if they manage a community of users) and they can get advantage incrementally:

Level 5 User to develop complex applications and services for the city; (Area Manager) 
 (area manager video)

To perform these activities you need to be registered

As Area Manager you are substance a Developer for the City Applications, and thus you are authorized to access to a number of technical functionalies and tools, among those depicted in the following figure. These are additional capabilities with respect to the Manager, you can: acess to the features of Knowledge Base of  the city in deep; register IOT Brokers; create advanced IOT applications; create massive data transformation processes in ETL; create data analytics in multiple languages, testing and load them, create microservices to be used into IOT Applications; adding external services; sharing results, loading shapes; analyzing performance of the back office; acessing to the advanced tecnical documentation in Swagger; accessing to the open soruce development kit for Web and mobile App exploiting the Snap4City Smart City API; etc. NOTE:technical views and details are fully accessible

At this level 5, the user is a Developer which can perform all the activities performed by the Manger plus the capabilities of: