TC4.4 - Notificator Engine Monitoring


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Test Case Title

TC4.4 - Notificator Engine Monitoring


I can

  • Monitor the KPI regarding the notifications and thus that aspect of the Smart City and of the system.
  • use dashboard to Monitor the notification statistics, and thus to understand the healthiness of the platform as data ingestion and data arriving in the platform 


Access to the as authorised users.

Expected successful result

Access to the dashboards accessible by the links and see them, visualization of the status, on which the dashboard owner can set some rules for firing and send notifications as email, or other means




Please note that some of the following links could be accessible only for registered users.

Access to Portal

 Click on Management --> Notificator Monitoring as depicted in the figure

Also accessible as:

  1. Click on
  2. The data ingestion quality is monitored
  3. For each metrics a number of issues are tested such as: too old data, strange value in input, too high value, no response, etc.
  4. The total number of reading is counted and the general status of the major applications
  5. Over thousands and thousands of events per day only a few critical ones have been occurred.

    From the figure it is possible to read the number of events, while on the left the distribution of events according to the criteria. Please observe that among them also criteria per to verify the quality of data.
    Please note the automated update.