Snap4City SLA for operation of Snap4City installations on Premise Clouds


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since: 02-May-2024

Snap4City SLA (service level agreement) for operation of Snap4City installations on Premise Cloud, not applicable on

it is a Second / Third level maintenance without direct contact with the final users, and only with the Platform Operators and/or with the operators on the server side applications of the Solution. 
For whole Solution provided, a reference person is provided by DISIT Lab, DINFO UNIFI to the main operator of the platform on your premise.
All the platforms will be provided with a monitoring tool connected to us via telegram and email, and optionally with an helthiness monittoring tool to be configured for monitoring data flows entering into the platform from IoT devices.
Both of them not connected with any ticketing systems.
The Platform Operator is also responsible for Cloud and Network Facilities and maintenance. 

The maintenance and support level includes:

  • Suppliers ticketing System (not provided)
  • Platform SaaS Maintenance releases
  • Scheduled Planned Downtime, if any
  • Emergency Services: Supplier’s working hours via Telephone support
  • Emergency Report (ER): 3 working days response
  • Technical request & Professional Services: 5 hours free per month (non- transferable to next month). Additional hours at 100 Euros per hour. Unit step 10 hours
  • Critical conditions resolution time: 24 hours
  • Major conditions resolution time: 2 Working Day
  • Minor conditions resolution time: 5 working days

The value is exclusively linked to the initial contract amount for the initial maintenance license, or recertified platform/soluzion version. Any additional infrastructure or related costs, such as expanding/reducing the number of IoT applications, vertical applications, max number of orgnizations, brokers, increasing storage capacity, replicating modules for scalability, redundancy, or fault tolerance, beyond the initially licensed products, should be managed as separate costs. The value of the platform is assessed on the basis of the value reported at the first deploy/installation and with the performed additions/numbers in terms of storage, dashboards, IoT Apps, Devices, Applications, limits on the number of users, brokers, etc., in proportion. Taking into account the possibility of reducing and enlarging the platform/value.

Technical Support is provided only on Solutions which have not been modified without an agreement. 

Technical Support is provided only on Solutions for which the Maintenance Fee is paid.

Maintenance Fee has to be annually paid to continue to use the Solution, in any form which they are used, identically to the Solution provided.

The support is provided by HELP DESK and via the contact form. Any occurrence of incidents is received by Help Desk personnel, classified and addressed in due time.

  • At the reception of the email (preferably) we perform the Incident identification, logging, categorization and prioritization (not provided, and supposed to be provided by the first/second level service)
  • incident is analysed via an Initial diagnosis, to identify the area and responsible which have to address it. The responsible(s) is(are) contacted and the priority revised. See above point.
  • Incident resolution in taken in charge by one or more responsible, up to the Incident internal closure.
  • Passed to the testing and regression testing, up to complete closure and reporting
  • Communication with the user community throughout the life of the incident

The incidents (as well as the quality of support level) are classified as follows:

  • Critical conditions: affect a very large impact on the users and services.
  • Major conditions: affect a large number of users, and service delivery.
  • Minor conditions: do not interrupt users and services, and can be worked around

The service level targets is subject to the following limitations and constraints:

  • Support is provided in language: English, Italian
  • Downtimes caused due to updates for fixing critical security issues are not considered agreement violations.
  • Force Majeure. If the fault is due on the cloud service used, or on the network connection out of Supplier control.
  • Force Majeure. A party shall not be liable for any failure of or delay in the performance of this Agreement for the period that such failure or delay is due to causes beyond its reasonable control. Means any
    • fire, flood, earthquake or natural phenomena,
    • wide area network interruptions,
    • war, embargo, riot, civil disorder, rebellion, revolution
    • or any other causes beyond the control of DISIT lab, of DINFO of UNIFI.

The Handover procedure and training would have a cost of 20% the Value of the solution provided.
The Handover can be applied only on Certified Solutions, whcih has a cost of 15% of the solution value.

A Solution which has been changed with respect to the initial our deploy in some of its codes and modules has to be Recertified to be considered under valid maintenance support. 

For bug and problem report please use: a specific form is provided by case. 

For any other kind of questions please use our contact Point:  

For direct personal contact, Paolo Nesi

Snap4City platform has been developed by DISIT lab. Https:// 

Snap4City platform been created by using the Km4City framework as a technological ecosystem: Https:// which has been also created by DISIT Lab.