Scenario SmartBed: Monitoring Beds for the best night relax and recharge


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SmartBed LAID is a project and solution developed in the context of a research and innovation project founded by the Regione Toscana. The leader of the project is the company Materassifcio Montalese, the partners include the CNR of PISA, DISIT Lab and a number of other partners. The partnership is also extended to SIRIO project in Mosca in which the smartbed are used for monitoring the nights of the personnel involved into the simulation of the travel to Mars. 
The project consisted into the development of new technologies for the instrumentation of Beds to perform the analysis of the sleeping for a large set of reseasons raging from solving specific sleeping problems to the  general health of the person. The Instrumented bed collects the data,  then they are sent to Snap4City platform for their processing according to a number of algorithms and solutions identified by CNR experts with the support of specialists doctors on the sleep healthiness. 

In the following link, an example of dashboard reporting some of the KPI used for monitoring the nights

The  role of DISIT Lab with Snap4City has been to develop the data transfer solution, perform data collection, execute the online computing and make accesible the data on some developed dashboards and Mobile App. The above mentioned Dashboard is just for demonstration and does not report the data of any specific person, but only real data collected during the experiments under a signed consent for publication for demonstration.