User Limits and Consumption of Resources

The Snap4City solution is capable to host multiple Organizations on the same platform.

Each Organization may have multiple Groups and users may be registered to multiple groups even if these belong to different organizations.

The appartenance to an Organization assign to each single user bounds on the resource usage about: maximum number of IOT Devices that can be registered, maximum number of IOT Applications that can be requested (please note that each IOT application may have multiple tread of execution, multiple flows inside), and maximum number of Dashboards.

These bounds/limits can be:

  • verified from MyProfile --> MyPersonal Statistics and Bounds:
    • from the same link you can see the level of consumption of your resources in general
  • different according to the role: Manager, AreaManager, etc. So can get more if you do more. 
  • different according to the Organization for which you are registered, see on your top profile status on the left upper corner of the page.
  • increased by your organization manager. Please note that Orgamizations: Firenze, DISIT, Other are managed by ourself. 
  • increased according to a direct contract with the service provider.

please note that there are no limits on the traffic, neither on the accesses to Dashboard in terms of number of them or number of minutes they are accesses.

For any other info and request please contact: