TC10.19 - All the Snap4City tools are based on open standards

Test Case Title

TC10.19 - All the Snap4City tools are based on open standards


Be sure that all the communications and interfaces among modules are based on open standards

Be sure that the solution is proposed and is maintained by no for profit institutions.

Be sure that the solution is proposed to a standardisation body. Smart City API have been already proposed and accepted to E015.


Using a PC or Mobile with a web browser. Accessing to the examples and TC reported above and try them

Expected successful result

Passing all the TC in which multiple protocols, format and IOT protocols are used and demonstrated with specific tools.




Any other IOT protocol standard would be covered by using a number of IOT Brokers and/or Wrappers/Agents, and/or NodeRED. An interoperable IOT Directory/IOT Discovery is set up to abstract the different sources and actuators. Connection with SigFox gateways, LoraWan gateways, Azure IOT service. (not yet available)

The Snap4City is open source, adopted by many team for IOT management and thus it can be easily extended to any new standard.

DISIT lab is following the ISO standardisation process on Smart City, ISO MPEG, and EIP.

DISIT lab smart city solutions Km4City are adopted in Tuscany region, and by actions: RESOLUTE H2020, REPLICATE H2020, Sii-Mobility MIUR, GHOST MIUR, Live WEEE; and recently are progressively adopted in Sardegna region. API of Km4City which has been accepted by E015 national standard on APIs (

DISIT UNIFI and UNIMI will promote the Snap4City solution, which is going to be promoted as the Km4City 2.0 platform.

The Snap4City is interoperable in the context of pan-European e-Government services.

It is based on open standards:

  • The solution is open and is maintained by UNIFI and UNIMI which are not-profit organisations according to an open decision-making procedure among interested parties; Other tools are coming from Apache, Js Foundation, Linux Foundation, etc. all no-profit foundations/associations.
  • The solution, and/or part of it, would be proposed as standard specification. All the documents is freely available, making possible for all to copy, distribute and use without fee;
  • The intellectual property is patent free and made available for all free of charge;
  • no constraints on the re-use of the solution, free of charge, free of use/reuse.

All the components and tools of Snap4City communicate each other by means of REST API.

All the API have been documented in SWAGGER.

The most commonly user and critical API and accessible from outside have been tested on Postman and link provided.