TC4.6 - Dashboard with city events, ESB, police, traffic, etc.


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Test Case Title

TC4.6 - Dashboard with city events, ESB, police, traffic, etc.


I can:

  • Create a dashboard for monitoring the events of the City
  • Connect an event widget with the map, or ask directly to the Wizard to general the model with: event and map together
  • Interact with the event widget to see them on map according to may preferences: order them, select by case, etc.


A PC with a browser. Access to the dashboard

Expected successful result

Access to the dashboards accessible by the links and see them, see data related to traffic events in the scrolling widget. If you push F11 you can go and exit from full screen. Showing how dashboard can be used to communicate and for getting feedback from the city users and stakeholders.




Please note that some of the following links could be accessible only for registered users.

  • A dashboard showing real time city events about traffic, incidents, police resolutions, etc. is available in the following link:
  • On the left, a widget showing a scrolling list of traffic events and problems in the city is present. The map on the left automatically load the pins related to traffic events;
  • Clicking a pin in the map, information about the event is shown in a pop-up;
  • In the widget on the left, flashing pin icons represent events shown on the map;
  • Clicking the pin of a specific events in the list widget, the event is added and geolocated in the map; 

By clicking the cyan buttons on top of traffic events widget on the left, the user can (see image below):

  1. Sort the list by severity
  2. Sort the list by time
  3. Sort the list by type
  4. Hide/Show incidents events
  5. Hide/Show work events on street
  6. Hide/Show ice on the road events
  7. Hide/Show high temperature events
  8. Hide/Show strong wind events