TC2.26 - IOT Applications exploiting suggestion MicroService


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Test Case Title

TC2.26 - IOT Applications exploiting suggestion MicroService


I can:

Get suggestions in a circle area selecting language and user profile


Using a PC or Mobile with a web browser.

Simple skill on use IotBlocks on Nodered.

The following functionalities are available only for specific Snap4city users with specific privileges.

Expected successful result

Obtaining suggestions and seeing how they work.

They can also work by using simple REST CALL.




  1. Drag and drop the node “Recommendation within circle” under the menu S4CSearch:

  2. Open the configuration tab and select a language, a profile and the circle area where looking for the suggestions:

  3. The suggestions are reported as a list and grouped by similarity:

  1. It is possible to split every single element on the list and select one with a switch node filtered on the group value:  

  1. The flow can be the follow:

  2. The response of this flow is a list of three suggestions belong to the group “Wine and Food”, selected by the suggester on the language, the profile and the circle area indicated in the “recommendations-within-circle”: