How To Dev - Testing and Deploy Phases


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It is the mandatory phase in which the solutions (with IOT Apps and/or Dashboard) is deployed on Cloud or on IoT Edge. Only after the deploy the Solution is put in execution and can be tested. It is the phase in which all the needed testing are performed. Unit testing, regression testing, etc. The test is different for the different development parts. The IoT App testing is performed once deployed the IoT App, the flow is saved, and the IoT App can be tested using Inject and Debug functions, but also controlling the effects to the external services of the IoT App via corresponding microservices.

The activities of Test and Deploy are performed into the corresponding tools

  • IoT App Editor Node-RED provides a button for Deploy and a Debug console for testing
  • Data Analytics are
    • tested on development user interface on RStudio and Python
    • Tested on Deploy when they are executed as container from IoT Apps
  • Dashboards are tested directly into the Dashboard editor and preview.

Please note that the Snap4City development environment allows to have on the same environment applications and solutions which are both in phase of development and finalized.
On the same infrastructure, production tool and testing tools may be executed and used at the same time. The infrastructure is robust enough to do not crash to the fault of your testing solutions if they are not aggressively destroying the running processes.
In alternative you can use provided Snap4City Development environment which can be installed in a single VM or via Docker compose.