How to Dev - Registration and trial on platform provide a space for trial. Actually, is multitenant, that means it provided a number of organizations which are separate tenants for data space, applications, dashboards, and users. As trial area we offer DISIT Organization/tenant, which provides a set of representative data and dashboards. If you are registered on an organization/tenant you may only access to data/dashboards published on that organization for the whole public and for the ORG people, and directly delegated to you only. This means that without a specific agreement you are going to see a limited amount of data and dashboards.

Each new user, even in trail, is accepted and registered in the role of Manager. He/she can upload data, create proc.logic/IoT App, dashboards, etc., with some limitations. Each user may be leveraged to AreaManager role by the administrator to have more power and perform some Data Analytics, etc. Specific functionalities can be only enabled the administrator personally. So that you have o ask, or you organization have to perform an agreement with, some limitations may be applied as well. According to your capabilities, the system provides you a level of knowledge which describe the functionalities that you have exploited, and thus your awareness of the platform. Your role and level are reported in the login area of the user interface.

These features may not be present in all installations of the Snap4City solution.