How To Dev - Analysis: Sequence Diagrams formalization


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Sequence Diagrams: describe the interactions behind a certain use case.

For the same recurrent example:

  • Driver, driver attention device, Broker/platform, Data Analytics, DriverHealthiness.
  • Etc.

For example, in the figure here below the sequence diagram describing the update of the Vehicle profile and status is shown. As can be seen, we supposed to have two types of possible update, the first manually performed by the user, the second performed after receiving an asynchronous message from an IoT Device trough an IoT Broker. This use case includes entities for User, Vehicle, IoT Broker, and IoT Device installed on the vehicle. The IoT App (see more later) represents the business logic that interact with the Vehicle stored representation.


: Example of sequence diagram, IoT broker is any Broker, IoT App is a Processing Logic


As a general remark: Do not worry if at the first sprint of the above steps you forgotten to fill some details. It is quite sure that, you have also provided some details that would have to be revised/changed at the next iteration. The suggestion is start developing from the core parts, which are the production of Entity Instances from the Entity Models, the ingestion of Entity Messages for the Entity Instances, etc., and detailing the most relevant and innovative Use Cases with respect to the state of the art. They would leverage the smart solutions to a new level.