Scenario: Monitoring Cross Road in Venaria Reale - (AXIS Camera)


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One of the numerous advantages of a Smart City is the capacity of assessing traffic flows in different streets at the same time, gathering several data about vehicles passing on a road.

An essential problem in this kind of solutions regards the high number of cameras needed to monitor and to extract useful data from the biggest crossroads which concerns multiple vehicles trajectories.

Snap4City implemented an effective solution exploiting AXIS camera to solve the issue described above. The AXIS camera presents data analytics plugins, and Node-red on which Snap4city libraries are installed. This allowed to perform some of the analysis on IOT Edge of the AXIS camera.

As shown in the dashboard, thanks to one AXIS camera only installed at a crossroad in the city of Venaria Reale is possible to collect the data regarding 12 different vehicles trajectories.

On the basis of the data collected from the camera, the following indicators and trends are represented in the dashboard:

  • number and time trend of cars per hour transited for each of the 12 different trajectories,
  • number and time trend of cars per hour transited in for each of the 4 different roads,
  • number and time trend of cars per hour transited out for each of the 4 different roads,
  • time trend of the total number of cars transited in and out by the crossroad.

The data are updated every hour in real time. From the dashboard is also possible to visualize the historical trend concerning the indicators described above.

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