HOW TO: define privacy rules on your MyKPI, POI, personal data


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The Steps to define privacy rules on your personal data are listed in the following. 

    1. First we need to select a KPI. You can access the KPI Editor from the main menu item "My Data, KPI, POI".


    1. And you can access the "KPI Editor"

    1. If you are viewing the KPI Editor from Mobile the table is shown as shown in the figure

    1. In this view you can see the other columns by clicking on the green button on the left



    1. By pressing the "Make Public" button you can make available this KPI and its values and metadata associated with the users of your organization on the platform.



    1. At any time you can return it private by clicking on the "Make Private" button.




    1. It is possible to see the inserted data, edit them and delete the KPI through the buttons "VIEW", "EDIT", "DELETE".



    1. We can manually add values or metadata to this KPI, respectively, with the "VALUES" and "METADATA" buttons.



    1.  It is, also,  possible to delegate this KPI to selected users by clicking on the "DELEGATE USERS" button. To delegate an user  to view the newly created KPI you can click on the "DELEGATE USERS" button in the column of the table called "VISIBILITY".


    1. In this screen, which shows the editor to modify the delegated users of a KPI, you can click on the "Add New My KPI Delegation" button to see the form where to enter the data.



    1. To add a delegated user you must enter the username of the user you want to delegate.



    1. Once you have entered all the required information, you can see the new user in the table.



    1. If the delegated user logs on to his account and selects the delegated item at the top, he can see the values of the KPI just delegated:

    1. In addition, you can change the ownership of the data and pass it to an user other than the one who owns the data at a given time.

    • Clicking on the "Change Ownership" button in the "Visibility" column opens a pop-up where you can enter the user name of the new owner: obviously the new owner must have registered to the platform.

N.B. If you delegate a dashboard to a new user but do not delegate the data found as the source of some widgets then those widgets will not be visible to the delegated user. But he will be able to see the dashboard and the data that is his or her own or has been delegated correctly.