TC1.17. Object tracking, widget tracker, personal tracking/trajectories, moving sensors


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TC1.17. Object tracking, widget tracker, personal tracking


I can show on map movements of IOT devices, IOT Sensors and data, which are stored as time series, having a data/value for each GPS cordinates over date and time. They have to be stored as MyKPI time series with GPS coordinates.

I can see trajectory with Widget Tracker on map the device movements for each day and trends, and the values, and pass to the day after and/or before.

I can see multiple IOT devices trajectories on the same map, widget tracker. The tracker can be combined to Time Trend Widget to see value trend of the same variable.


Using saved data chaing values over time and for each value also GPS locations and save  them in MyKPI MyData.
The MyKPI data can be saved by using IOT Application or ETL process. The data can come from moving devices such as: Android mobile, your phone, IOT device with GPS, etc. 

Expected successful result

tracking of objects, monitoringg of their movements and collected data



In Snap4City, it is possible to manage time series and this is quite classic since each value name (data) associated with an IOT Device can be considered a time series, a set of values changing over time where at each new value is associated a data and time value as well. The data and time can be the acquisition time and/or the time at which the data entered into the platform. See for example the management of MyKPI, MyPOI, etc. in Snap4City.

A track in Snap4City is something more, and can be defined as a time series in which at each value is also associated a GPS point. Snap4City Tracks can be:

  • MyKPI: which can be registered in the platform by different sources: IOT Applications using specific MicroServices. And thus any kind of moving IOT Devices can provide you data into a MyKPI producing a Track. This kind of track can be delegated in access from the owner to any other user by knowing the user name by means of the MyKPI editor.
  • MyKPI automatically registered from your Mobile Application of the family (<city name> in a Snap). They produce automatically (if the user authorized at the moment of App installation) on user account the tracks of:
    • the clicks performed: datetime, clikedtopic (which icon, which service, etc.), GPS position; (this determines a trajectories but not a value trend). This kind of track can be delegated in access from the owner to any other user by knowing the user name also by mobile App.
    • the movements performed: datatime, velocity, GPS position. This kind of track can be delegated in access from the owner to any other user by knowing the user name also by mobile phone.

Please note that other kinds of data may present value and GPS positions, but in most cases the GPS position is not varying over time, so that its visualizzation as a Track could become a single  point on the map with multiple pin overlapped each other on the same point, that can observed whan you click on the pin.

Tracks can be visualized on Dashboard by using the special Widget Tracker as described in the following. The Widget Tracker can depict:

  • the path and trend of the IOT Devices and value name associated with the moving (moving PAX Counter, a moving Air Quality Sensor on bike, etc.);
  • the path and trend for the current day and previous and next days;
  • real time updates coming from MyKPI updates; Only the last point is represented as PIN while the other are just represent as Dots.
  • multiple Tracks/trajectories coming from different sources as described above.

A Dashboard Widget for tracking user movements from MyKPI with GPS coordinates for each value: You can use populate MyKPI data with IOT App and from Mobile devices. Thus a flexible tracking tool for fleets and others can be realized in few steps.

The Dashboard widget Tracker can be obtained during dashboard creation via wizard selecting MyKPI and/or direct selection by its icon on the widget models.

A more sophisticated example is reported below in which an App can be used to collect data from the field and the data are automatically position on map as track with: value, datetime, and GPS coordinates: