TC11.02 - Personal Data regarding IOT Devices on User profile devices and Keys


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Test Case Title

TC11.02 - Personal Data regarding IOT Devices on User profile devices and Keys


The goal for this test case is to present a scenario that enable a secure access to the user for its personal IOT Device. The device is firstly registered in the system via the IOT Directory module and secondly access via an IOT Application on a secure communication system.


A snap4city user registered, capability of creating an IOT APP via NodeRED.

The following functionalities are available only for specific Snap4city users with specific privileges.

Expected successful result

The data retrieved by the registered IOT Device are only accessible to the owner of the device.




Please note that some of the following links could be accessible only for registered users.

  1. To demonstrate the test case “Personal Data regarding IOT Devices on User profile devices and Keys”, go to the Snap4city Portal and make the Login using the snap4city user credentials.
  2. The user is redirect to his/her Main Page.

  3. To register a new IOT device in a secure way, please click in the menu IOT Directory and Devices à IOT devices

  4. Click on the New Device button

  5. Fill the information for your IOT device (in this case we present an example with an Rasberry IOT device). Important to note: make visibility Private to avoid this IOT Device became public

  6. Check the information on the second tab “IOT Broker” as below

  7. Define the location of your IOT device clicking on the map presented in the tab “Position”

  8. Describe the sensor information your IOT device is capable in the tab “Values” and press confirm

  9. The IOT device now is registered in the system. You can check the information of your IOT device digiting the name of the device you choose in the name field of the list as below. If you click also on the “+” button, to retrieve more information about your IOT device