TC5.12 - Anonymous annotation via Smart City API and MicroApplications.

Test Case Title

TC5.12 - Anonymous annotation via Smart City API and MicroApplications.


I can

Exploit MicroApplications developed on the basis of the Advanced Smart City API for accessing to mobile app micro applications ready to use, and for embedding them on City Dashboards.

Use the Advanced Smart City API, not only to get data but also to provide at the city comments, votes, pictures, annotations. See for example, the vote of a POI via Web App, the contributions are accessible via API of KB only when the moderator has accepted/validated.

See the provided comments, ranks and images, as administrator, and as the user who provide them via my profile...., from web pages, and mobile.


Using a PC or Mobile with a web browser. Access to Smart City API user manual. Access to the development tool kit exemplified.

Using a PC or Mobile with a web browser. Contributions can reach the KB by using smart city API. For testing they can be provided via: (i) direct rest call, (ii) web app, (iii) micro application embedded into dashboard, (iv) mobile application.

The following functionalities are available only for specific Snap4city users with specific privileges.

Expected successful result

Learn how to exploit HTML5 MicroApplications based on Advanced Smart City API to create a web and/or mobile application.

To sew how comments, votes and images can be provided in the system. To see how they are logged and moderated.

The contribution provided by an user and presently collected, while they are going to be collected in the user profile, and since now the user can monitor them from its account and mobile device.




Please note that some of the following links could be accessible only for registered users. 

  1. To make an anonymous annotation via Smart City API through a MicroApplication the user must to connect on the following link:;11.256932&operation=annotation
  2. The show this page:

  3. To make an anonymous annotation on a service, the user click on the desired service and write his annotation on the box showed after the details of the service

  1. If the annotation is sent correctly a pop up is showed

  1. As these annotations are anonymous, they cannot be shown immediately and must be awaited for approval. When the annotation is approved, id the user performs a new request on the service the annotation is showed


From the server side they are collected 

  1. Empowering the city users: collecting data from end users bidirectional data flow; votes, comments, images;
  2. comments, ranks, images, etc. This information is collected into the user profile.

      • The Direct insertion for a POI of an image, comment and ranks from one URI, for Web app is possible. While, the direct access to this feature as MicroApplication is not yet available.