TC2.1 - Managing IOT Application as my personal data, according to GDPR


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Test Case Title

TC2.1 Managing IOT Application as my personal data, according to GDPR, create, see, download, delete.


The goal for this test case is to present a scenario that show how an user can


A snap4city user registered, capability of creating a IOT APP via NodeRED

The following functionalities are available only for specific Snap4city users with specific privileges.

Expected successful result

The user is able to create and show its IOT Application, that stay private and not accessible to another user




Please note that some of the following links could be accessible only for registered users.

1. To demonstrate “Managing my personal data access for IOT Application according to GDPR”, go to the Snap4city Portal and make the Login. You can use the user “snap4city”



2. The user is redirect to his/her Main Page.


3. To demonstrate this test case the user can click on the IOT Applications on the left bar and press the “Create new” button



4. It’s possible to specify the name of the IOT Application you want to create and the type of the Application. The Basic one typology contains all the basic microservice for Final Users, meanwhile the advanced one contains also the microservice for Developer (S4C Search Dev, S4CBigData, etc…), according the list available under Documentation And Articles à IOT Microservices For Final Users / Developer. Please press confirm to create the IOT Application.


5. After the IOT Application has been created, it is shown in the list of the IOT Application for the user “snap4city”. If you try to logout and login via another user (i.e. user: adifino), the new IOT Application will not be showed.

6. Logout and login in again with “snap4ciy” user. Now, it’s possible to enter in the IOT Application with double click on it and it’s possible immediately to start to edit. Please remember to Deploy the IOT Application to save the current flow.

7. Whenever the IOTApplication is wrote and deployed, it’s possible to export a copy (in JSON format) in a private area for later sharing/download. Please press in the right upper button à Export à Save S4C as shown below



8. Fill all the information for your flow and press “Save S4C” to export a copy of the flow to later sharing/downloading


9. To later access the exported flow (as a copy of your flow, not as the IOT Application itself), please click on the Resource Manager à Resource on the left menu and you can see a copy of the flow you exported before in a JSON format. The resource it’s private but can be also made it public pressing the NO button under the Published column. It’s possible to Delete the resource pressing the button DEL and it’s possible to download it pressing the right mouse button directly on the filename and select Save target  As…



10. To delete completely the IOT Application (and not just the exported copy as above), please go to the list of the IOT Application, search the IOTApplication you want to delete and press the button properties and finally the Delete button