CSBL - Calendar Button


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By default, widgets display the values of their metrics based on the most recent data. Some widgets have a feature that allows them to show the values at a specific time, which can be selected from a special input box shown in the widget.

Users can dynamically change the content of the widget selecting a date and time, and it will be recalculated on the bases of the chosen values.

Figure: Selection Date and time from the calendar box.

These Widget Types at the moment are the follows:

  • WidgetBarSeries
  • WidgetPieChart
  • WidgetRadarSeries
  • WidgetCurvedLineSeries


In widgetRadarSeries and widgetPieChart, the datetime input box is currently by default set as active and uneditable, while in widgetCurvedLinesSeries and in widgetBarSeries it is set as deactivated and can be activated in the more options menu in the editing mode of the dashboard.
Select "Yes" in the Show Calendar Button to activate the input datetime menu in the widget.

Figure: Active or Deactive Calendar Button in modify widget menu.