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The LIFE WEEE project aims to encourage citizens and companies to more carefully manage the collection of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE), to improve the model of regional governance and to encourage the collaboration and sharing of information between the institutions.

WEEE is an important source of raw materials, which can be recovered if managed correctly. The recovery targets of WEEE are far from being achieved in Italy and in the rest of the European Union, even if Tuscany is one of the most performing territories in Italy in terms of separate waste collection. The culture of waste separation is widespread and represents an appropriate context where new and pervasive methodologies and governance models can be tested to improve the WEEE collection system.

The analysis of the Tuscan territorial context shows some key issues that must be addressed in order to achieve the objectives set by Directive 2012/19 / EU and highlights the main targets of the actions:

- citizens/consumers do not have sufficient knowledge about the management and disposal of WEEE
- companies involved in the installation or distribution of electrical and electronic equipment are scarcely involved in the collection and are faced with complicated bureaucratic procedures for the management of WEEE
- the lack of information and communication activities on WEEE by institutions and competent subjects means that the participation of consumers in the collection, reuse, treatment and recovery of WEEE is compromised.

In the context of the LIFE WEEE Snap4city developed a mobile app for Android and iOS allowing users to easily identify the nearest sites collection in Tuscany and Andalusia providing also useful information for the correct weee dosposal. The App is available in Italian, Spanish and English.

  Life WEEE is co-funded by LIFE Environmental Governance and Information, the European Commission's financial instrument for the environment. Budget € 1.805.602 - EU € 1.101.604