TC4.10: Bubble charts on maps for Sensor Data


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In Snap4City dashboards, it is possible to show bubble charts in addition or alternative to pins, heatmaps, traffic flow, routing, cycling, gardens, and shapes in general, overlapped to your preferred orthomaps, etc.

The bubbles are typically of the same color of the selector item and the size is dynamically adapted to the value of the set of sensor values of the variable identified/selected.
The result is reported in the following figure for Rome City demonstration which is public accessible on:

The activation of bubble shart functionality has to be performed on the Selector having a MultidataMap combo. For instance, please select environmental sensors, and then create the dashboard. Once you have created the dashboard and the selector please go into the MoreOptions of the Selector and set as follows, by changing the setting of the item for which you want to active the bubbles.

Please note that query for the selector can be automatically generated by the wizard together with the selector or can be produced by the ServiceMap getting it from email fro mthe small disk once you have performed the selection (as you may prefer). The results will be something similar to:;11.9476318359375;42.14813264235833;13.034591674804688&categories=Air_quality_monitoring_station&format=json

Please note that queries performed via query ID model of Service Map do not work, since the dashboard builder need to parse and transform the query to add the bubbles. 

Then, go in the Bubble column and set YES and wait for the list of possible Bubble Metric (which are the Value_Names of the sensors of the selected devices).... select that of your interest and SAVE.
Job Completed !!!

Another more complex example: