HOW TO: Define privacy rules on Mobile Tracks and Click personal data collected from Mobile


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This page is focussed on guiding the users in defining privacy rules for their own personal data, produced by the end-users own device: Mobile phone on which you have installed the new generation Mobile Apps such as "Helsinki in a Snap", or "Antwerp in a Snap", mobile Apps from Google Play Store or other stores

    1. Applications based on Snap4City, if the user allows it by pressing "Yes" at the request to send information, save data on two own KPIs.

  1. The first, whose name ends with TrackerLocation, tracks the coordinates of where the user is passing while using the application and saves as a value the speed at which it is moving measured in meters per second. The second one, whose name ends with AppUsage, records the actions made by the user inside the application and saves them together with the GPS coordinates of the device, to remind the user what he searched for and where.
  2. These two KPIs and in particular the first one, can be used for example if you are in a city that you do not know as a tourist. Assuming you are in a group and want to prevent people in the group from getting lost you can delegate the display of your TrackerLocation to others. In such a way everyone can see where the other people are and using the internal navigation module of the application reach them if we got lost.
  3. To carry out the delegation just go to the menu My Activity -> My Tracks

  4. Where we'll see the two saved tracks

  5. When you click on one of them, your data is displayed and a button marked "Delegate" appears.


    1. Clicking on that button will appear an input box where you can enter the username of the person to whom we are delegating our track.

    2. And the message of correct creation of the delegation appears

    3. The delegation created can be deleted and modified within the KPI Editor

    4. Which can also be reached directly from the application by pressing the "KPI Editor" button.

    1. If the user demo.hel who received the delegation is authenticated within the application and goes to the Friends Track menu