TC9.11 - Management of Delegations on an IoT Device

Test Case Title

TC9.11 - Management of Delegations on an IoT Device


The goal for this test case is to present a scenario where a user manages (insert and remove) a delegation towards another user on a IoT Device of his own.


Using a PC with a web browser. You need credentials to access to the Node-Red application.

Two snap4city users registered with rule of AreaManager

Expected successful result

The data (produced by any sensors of a delegated IoT Device) are received by the delegated user as far as the delegation is not removed by the delegator user.




  1. Login with a user with Role AreaManager
  2. Create any IoT Device, for example an IoT Device of “Snap4AllButtonV1” model (as specified in Snap4All IOT Button: based on ESP32, NGSI compliant secure connection)
  3. To show the data generated from the sensors of the created IoT Device, create an IoT Application using the “Fiware Orion” block and configure it with the information of the IoT Device created at step 2 (as specified in TC11.2 - Personal Data regarding IOT Devices on User profile devices and Keys) or using directly the “Snap4all Button” and link its output to the type of Dashboard you choose (as specified in TC2.20 - Creating Dashboards with IOT Application logic. Starting from new and old IOT application and get/connect a Dash, or from Dash connect and IOT app). A Dashboard will be created presenting the sensor’s value you selected in the “Fiware Orion” block or the link you connected from the “Snap4all Button”.


  1. Add a Delegation on a sensor of the IoT Device you created at step 2 to a user with role AreaManager (for example create a Delegation to the user angelo.difino. A Delegation can also be created on any Group of the organization the delegator user belongs)

  2. Login with another user with Role AreaManager (in this example the user “angelo.difino”)
  3. It’s possible to create an IoT Application as specified at step 4. The information to fill in the “Fiware Orion” or “Snap4All Button” blocks are retrieved from the list of the Delegated sensor.

  4.  Whenever the Delegation is removed, the data created in the step 6 will not be received anymore.