TC2.17 - Event Driven IOT Applications, from brokers: Orion, SigFox, etc.


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Test Case Title

TC2.17 - Event Driven IOT Applications, from brokers: Orion, SigFox, etc.


I can:

Realized event drive solutions, exploiting event drive brokers

make IoT Applications that change status and create notification based on event launched by a sigfox device


A simple skill for using IOT application.

A Sigfox sensor already registered on the Sigfox site.

Using a PC or Mobile with a web browser.

The following functionalities are available only for specific Snap4city users with specific privileges.

Expected successful result

Check the status of a sigfox sensor and make actions




For a more complete overview please read: 

For a minimal example:

  1. When a user uses a sigfox device to register their sensors and send data to the central server, they then want to reuse that data and in the event of a drastic change it is assumed that they want to be notified of that change. This behaviour can also be adopted in the case of sensors in the city and on the basis of which you want to be warned of possible changes.
  2. In the test case TC2.15  IOT Application Creation, using personal devices and exploiting city devices is described how to install a microservices to read a sigfox device:

  1. And send data, for example on a dashboard


  1. It is possible to see the data of the sigfox sensor in the dashboardClaudioApplication”:

  1. Moreover, for the city user it is possible to reach the same goal (described in the same test case):

  1. Created node

  1. This node can be used to read the data collected by the city sensor.
  2. With the microservices available on nodered, for example the microservice "switch", it is possible to give the value of the sensor returned from previous streams send data via email, telegram or show alerts on dashboards as described in the test case:
    1. TC4.2 Managing Notifications on IOT Application SMS, Telegram, email, Facebook, email, Dashboard events, in Push on other IOT Applications