Snap4City Newsletter of Early January 2024, orientation training for researchers and developers

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Early January 2024

  • Training Course for researchers (opened primary to partners with some contract form, also any other interested can partecipate up to the max):
    • A short training course in ITALIAN language to initiate researchers / developers to navigate on full traning and material and thus to exploit and work Snap4City is planned for the 15th January in the morning. Starting at 10:00. Up to 100 seats : please book by sending an email to
  • Newly acquired Actions and Projects:
    • TOURISMO: recently approved EC Interreg project on multisite innovative, AI, data management and services for tourism
    • AMMIRARE: recently approved EC Interreg project on data analytics, AI and data Infrastructure for climate impact control on costal erosion and changes
  • Operative Conditions
    • Smart Light solutions: exploiting DALI, unicast and multicast controls, dimering and profiling. Delivered in Merano, for Merano SmartLight, in Italy
    • Asset Management Solutions: monitoring and controlling assets: thermal camersa, cameras, cabinets, networks, services, etc., Delivered in Cuneo Smart City, in Italy
    • Monitoring chemical product production, industry 4.0, with workflow among cabinet of Analysis and decision makers, decision support systems, Second year of operation at ALTAIR chemical of ESSECO group
    • Snap4Building: building energy control, presences management, assest management, etc.; energy control, energy saving, analysis and planning, Delivered on ISPRA JRC site of the EC
    • Simulation of Photovoltaic Plants with PV, and batteries: monitoring of communities of energy. 
    • CN-MOST, national tcenter on sustainable mobility, using Snap4City platform tenant DISIT organization is suggested but other tenants are also accessible for them as well, according to the rules of single tenant for data access.
    • Snap4City is used in the context of EDIH, Tuscany X.0, a course on Snap4City has been delivered in the European EDIH Accademy
  • Snap4City Network and Partners:
    • come when formalized...........
  • Recent Technology and Features: