How To Dev - Example of Processing Logic (IoT App) Design, for each independent Flow


  1. Identify the activities to be performed, for example:
    1. Periodically activate the flow.
    2. Call a gateway to get data.
    3. Verify the correctness of data.
    4. Enrich the data with other information coming from Cloud data into the storage.
    5. Transform the data in the correct format.
    6. Send the data into the Broker, and thus send the data in the storage on a specific entity Instance / IoT Device.
    7. Send also a notification via email.
  2. Sketch a data flow diagram (see the figure below here [left side]).
  3. Implement the sketch on processing low using Node-RED nodes, Snap4City lib of nodes and other libraries of nodes. (see the figure below here [right side]).
  4. Deploy and test using DEBUG node in any stream you like, using also on/off to avoid deploy all time.

Figure – Single Processing Logic Independent flow: (left) design,
(right) actual implementation in Snap4City of the flow in Node-Red tool.