EN.TE.R.PR.I.S.E. Regional project started


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The Regional prject EN.TE.R.PR.I.S.E. (ENhanced TEchnological R&D of new PRoducts and Processes for Innovation, Smart factory and green Economy) has been funded in the POR CreO FESR Toscana 2014/2020 – Azione 1.1.5 – Sub-azione A1 – Bandi R&S 2020 “Progetti di ricerca e sviluppo” (Bando 1).

EN.TE.R.PR.I.S.E. is an advanced technological and development research project related to new products and processes for Innovation, Smart Factory (Industry 4.0) and the Green Economy.

In particular, the ENTERPRISE project is focused on 5 main research and development activities:

  • innovative solutions for the photoclorination of organic compounds;
  • new bio-based chlorinated products as a green alternative to Chloroparaffins: feedstock, applications and methods for comparison;
  • industrial scale up of a pilot plant for the production of super-pure KCl of food and pharmaceutical grade;
  • new plant for the reuse and reduction of the withdrawal of water from the Cecina river bed with a view to circular economy;
  • industry 4.0 applications for data analysis and smart process control, for the digital transformation of information exchange between company departments.

Project activities are related to:

  • The strategic business planning aimed at an increasingly sustainable production, through the search for alternative feedstocks from renewable sources and with greater biodegradability;
  • The study of the application of new technologies to existing and developing business processes, to make them increasingly performing and technically advanced;
  • The search for the highest quality standards for our products and the development of innovative dedicated analytical methods, capable of overcoming the current limitations existing in these markets;
  • The reduction of the environmental impact of its activities through the creation of a circular economy within the water resources plant, in order to reduce the withdrawal of water from the natural groundwater for production activities;
  • The introduction of smart applications for data analysis and process control, aimed at the digital transformation of information management between company departments from an Industry 4.0 perspective.

Snap4Industry is the reference platform fo the data aggregation and analysis.

Partners are: ALTAIR Chimica SPA (coordinator), X-Phase S.r.l., MTP S.r.l., Snap4 S.r.l.

LINK: https://www.altairchimica.com/blog/progetto-di-ricerca-e-sviluppo-en-te-r-pr-i-s-e-2021-2022/