Scenario: Snap4Home, how to exploit Snap4City solution on home automation

FULL Scenario: Snap4Home the case of: Alexa, Philips, Sonoff, TP-link, etc. (Italiano)

Snap4City support a very large number of protocols for collecting data and for exposing data towards other services and tools:

The Snap4Home solution is a scenario in which the Snap4City solution is used to realize your cutomizable solution for:

  • monitoring and controlling energy, consumption, alarms, etc. in the home, and from the home
  • saving data into the cloud for machine learning and supervision
  • monitoring and telecontrolling all the home automation tools and devices from remote, in secure end-2-end approach
  • integration and take into account smart city data in your home automation decision
  • features: energy monitoring, environmental monitoring, alarms, motors, vocal commands, notification via any kind of channel,
  • integrated with: Philips, Ikea, SONOFF, Daikin, Alexa, Google dot, TP-Link, KNX, modbus, I2C, RS485, RS232, 5G, etc. etc. 
  • etc.
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