Antwerp in a Snap: Discussion on App

This Blog is has been created to collect comments from Antwerp in Snap App users and create an Open discussion with developers.




* the quality of the instructions is rather poor

* language: why not in dutch?

* 24h heatmap animation? What is this? I don’t see/understand it

* the app is nice-to-have, the notifications (alert services) can be interesting and useful

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Sorry if the instructions where hot good enough. We will improve them.
This first release has been produce in 5 languages, and we agree with Digipolis to perform this phase in English. A Dutch version can be done.

The 24h is an animation of the heatmap. If you open an heatmap and click on the  small icon on top central with (24H written inside), you can see the animation and time passing.
IF you get some heatmap that does not provide any change the animation may seems to be missing....
it could be good to go back in some heatmap of yesterday, for example and see the trend on the 24hours.... 
The feature is more interesting when we provide the forecast, but unfortunatly we do no have forecast in Antwerp yet.

Thanks for your comments,

snap4city team.

There is no ‘help us item’, there is nothong at all

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your comment under a further investigation,

thanks for your comment, snap4city team.

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The access to personal Data can be performed on the portal directly if you are registered as explained in the test case dcoument:

In any case, all users can access to this link directly, from the browser copy it, or from the Portal of from the App. In the App there is a link to the main page of Snap4City ( and then when you are registered you can find in the menu on the top (mobile) or left (pc) the following item:

MyProfile --> My Personal Data Type

that is bringing to you at you personl data as :

thanks for your comment, Snap4City team. 


Conclusion of the test: the added value is poor since:

* a lot of POI’s is not mentiones, lack of detailed information, not up-to-date, even wrong information (not existing POI...)

* perform a travel plan to reach the POI doesn’t work

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In this phase, It was not planned to provide an exaustive number of POIs in the whole Antwerp Area, sorry, A denser view is in the Smart Zone in which we concentrate more effort.

The travel plan, typically work, strange if does not worked we are controlling it.

thanks a lot for your comments, snap4city team.