TC5.8 - Dashboard for Data Comparison: multiple servicemap


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Test Case Title

TC5.8 - Dashboard for Data Comparison: multiple servicemap


I can:

Compare data/sensors (traffic flow, environment, pollution, IOT, referral data, etc. etc.) enabling visual exploration for new relationships using two service maps embedded in a dashboard.


A PC with a browser. Access to the dashboard

The following functionalities are available only for specific Snap4city users with specific privileges.

Expected successful result

Access to the dashboards accessible by the links and see them, see data updated with the interval declared by each widget and the time elapsed. If you push F11 you can go and exit from full screen. Showing how dashboard can be used to communicate and for getting feedback from the city users and stakeholders.




Example 1: perform time trend compare from different real-time data sources


  • A dashboard is opened showing the real time status of two separated bike racks.
  • To interact with the map the user can zoom out and zoom in to find other areas areas of interest. Clicking on the Hide Menu button on the top left and/or top right the menu to search other services is opened.
  • The two maps are independent so that the user can compare values of any type.

Alternatively, the same dashboard can be opened with the following steps.

  • Access in snap4city portal and login with your credential;
  • In the left column menu click Dashboards to open the list of available dashboards
  • Click in the search field on the top right and write “servicemap
  • Click on the preview of the dashboard titled “ServiceMap for data comparison”, as shown in the following image.