TC3.7 - Drill Down on Text


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Test Case Title

TC3.7 - Drill Down on Text


I can:

Perform drill down on text (via ServiceMap and via Developer Dashboard)


The User is registered and logged in the system as Manager (Final User), AreaManager (Developer) or ToolAdmin (Administrator).

Using a PC or Mobile with a web browser. All the data arriving in the platform are collected into a noSQL storage and indexed in real-time. Thus, they are accessible in the Developer Dashboard for drill down and browsing according to different aspects.

Expected successful result

See the dashboard and play with them. The user can access to the dashboard and perform a number of actions to drill down on data, on time, facet, kind of data, etc. The resulting combination of filter is a new dashboard/view that can be saved locally or on cloud (ProcessLoader, in the future) and shared with other colleagues, also via ProcessLoader.




Please note that some of the following links could be accessible only for registered users.

In this test case the user will interact with:

  • Dashboard based on Banana on IOT/ETL data, using SOLR, sharded on cloud
    • Connect with Developer Dashboard, directly on Snap4City main tool
    • Drill down on text search
    • Connect with ServiceMap, directly on Snap4City main tool
    • Drill down on text search
  1. Go on the Developer Dashboard
    • Enter in Snap4City
    • To open the Data Analyzer Dashboard (DevDash) click on the left column main menu item Management --> Data Analyzer: DevDash
  2. The QUERY panel (4) on the top right, allows to filter on the basis of a text. Insert some text on QUERY panel (4), thus the filtering is performed on the basis of the text.
  3. In the QUERY widget on the top right type a text in the form: “facet field:name”, for example “className:BikeSharing”. Click the lens to confirm the search (see the red arrow in the image below). The results and all the widgets are updated accordingly to the term searched.
  4. Go on the Service Map
    • Enter in

To open the Service Map click on the left column main menu item Knowledge and Maps --> Service Map

The drill down on text means to add filters on text base, and to create specific queries on non-structured data. It can be performed by using:

  • ServiceMap and thus on Knowledge Base, where the text search provides data positioned on the map. Once the selection is performed, the resulting data may be shown on the map calling Service Map, generating a request by asking to show on map a list of ServiceURI, city elements, POI, etc.

In this case:

  • the RIGHT-SIDE MENU of the ServiceMap can be used to search for some POIs into area or point, then on top of the same selection the user can pose a filter based on TEXT by using the “search text into service” field below the list of Services categories.
  • the LEFT-SIDE MENU of the ServiceMap can be used to search POI in the whole area disregarding the filtering.

You can start testing this requirement by following the sequence of actions:

  1. If closed, click the Hide menu on the top right corner to open the menu;
  2. Select the categories of interest in the Services Categories list, or tick the Select All box;
  3. Write the word “Dante” in the search text into services field;
  4. As N. results, set: “No limit”;
  5. In the Search Range filed, select “visible area”;
  6. Click the lens to start the search;
  7. You can see the map with all services containing the text “Dante”. The result is similar to the following image.